We are highly skilled in using the latest techniques and tools to carry out repairs. We use specialist heat lamps to cure paintwork quickly and effectively. We will need access to two electrics sockets and have a safe place to park the van near to the vehicle that is being repaired.
The length of time of the repair will depend on the damage. We will confirm the expected time along with the quote prior to starting work.
We are unable to give a cost quote without assessing the damage. However, we offer a free, no-obligation assessment either on-site or by digitally delivered photographs.
We use the vehicles colour code to match your car’s original colour. We mix the colour on-site to ensure the best match possible.
We aim for the repairs to be unnoticeable and to a very high standard. However, we cannot guarantee a 100% factory finish match.
We offer a 6-month guarantee on the repaired area, excluding any rust or corrosion damage, touch ins or cigarette burns.

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