When returning your vehicle at the end of a lease or mobility hire agreement, you are expected to return the vehicle in a "reasonable" condition. The leasing company will carry out an inspection and you may be charged for any damaged deemed "excessive".


What you may not have been expecting is a massive penalty charge for any excessive damage due to the inflated prices being charged by the body shop to the leasing company for the repair as they have you trapped.


Our mobile units are equipped to repair most bodywork damage on-site. You will save a significant amount of money by having us come and fix any damage prior to you returning the vehicle.

The cost of your repairs depends largely on the type of damage and where the damage is. To get a free, no-obligation quote complete our request a quote form.

We will provide a free, no-obligation time and cost quote either in person, or you can upload images using our request a quote form.
Our mobile repair unit will come to a location of your choosing within the East Midlands and undertake the repairs while you wait.
All our repairs are guaranteed for 6-months on the repaired area, excluding any rust or corrosion damage, touch-ins or cigarette burns.


Why Choose ★ Smart Repair?

Our business is built on a reputation of delivering the highest quality repairs in an efficient and convenient manner at a competitive price.

  Professional repairs at your home or workplace
 Most repairs are completed the same day
  Cheaper than body shops or insurance excess
  Hassle-free, simple, no-obligation quote
  6-month guarantee on all our repair work